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I hold a post graduate degree from the Gestalt Institute of Ireland, which in turn is accredited by the Institute of Technology Carlow (ITC). It is a 5 year residential training program. I also undertook an additional one- year post graduation training with IGC on their 'Post Practicum' course.

I have also successfully completed training in the area of Self Harm and Suicide Ideation with the Irish Health Service Executive, (HSE)

While there  are several approaches to Psychotherapy, I believe what most successful therapies have in common is the quality of the relationship of mutual respect and trust between the client and therapist.

I have a background in Management (manufacturing) and I studied Psychology as part of my management training with the Irish Management Institute (IMI), this proved to be one of the stepping stones that would lead me to Psychotherapy training.

I am accredited with and a member of the Irish association of humanistic and integrative psychotherapists, I.A.H.I.P 

I opened a private psychotherapy and counselling practice in Prague after Graduation (2015-'18) before returning to Ireland to open a private practice in Co.Wexford in 2018.

I studied Tai-CHi and Qi Gong under Master Wang Zhi Ping in Yangshou, China. I practice regularly and I am also available to give private or group lessons.

I am a keen Hill-walker, canoeist and lover of the great outdoors.

I am available to faciliate meditation and mindfulness classes as well as group therapy sessions.

I am an energy healer and sometimes I offer this aspect of my healing work in order to raise the energetic resonance/frequencies, of a person to an optimum  level to assist with your bodies own healing power and increase its effectiveness.